Jennifer Iscoe is the Founder and Owner of Live Mind Body and Soul.  Jennifer believes in connecting all aspects of one’s health to truly live a healthy life.  Diagnosed with bipolar at the age of 19, Jennifer has spent many years learning how to live the most productive life she can well managing her mental illness.  Inspired by Jennifer decided to take on the stigma surrounding mental illness and start to break down the walls.  Determined to make the fitness industry one that is more inclusive to all people from all walks of life, she has made it her personal mission to spread education throughout the industry about mental illness, providing fitness professional with skills to work more effectively with their clientele as well as providing her own clients with tools that they are able to use in their day to day lives allowing them to manage their own mental health.  These skills, pieces of knowledge, personal experience and tools have assisted many in living a healthy, happier, more productive life; as well have assisted in fitness professionals in building a stronger relationship with their clients providing both with greater successes than previous experience had provided.

Jennifer has a Bachelor degree in Psychology with a minor is Sociology, a Social Service Worker diploma and a Bachelor of Social Work degree.  She has worked in the social service industry for over tens years, specializing in child welfare and housing.  Jennifer also has her Personal Trainer Specialist certificate through Can-Fit-Pro. She has been working in the fitness industry for eight years; recently merging her two true loves and passion to create Live Mind Body and Soul as she has come to the realization of how the slightest imbalance in any area of your life can inhibit one’s overall health.

Jennifer loves to spend time with her six year old daughter and loving husband.  She is a lover of dance, baseball and swimming.  Jennifer is the author of an upcoming book “Finding Strength Through Mental Illness: How to reach and maintain your goals”, is a mental health advocate and an avid crafty woman.  Her greatest passion is empowering others to find their true potential and conquer their biggest challenges.  Jennifer loves to share her joy for life with others.  Jennifer believes that once we break the stigma surround mental illness we can move forward in life and reach our fullest state of health possible.