We all know the regular tips that we get this time of the year.  Wash your hands regularly, sneeze and cough into your elbow, don’t shake hands, take extra vitamin C and wipe down areas where people have been sick.  Let’s talk about some other things that we can do to survive this time of year.

Eat shiitake mushrooms – this will raise your T cell count and decrease inflammation which will allow your body to better fight off illnesses.

Let the fresh air in – when you are in enclosed quarters and someone else is sick the germs, bacteria and virus just get trapped in the air making you more susceptible to becoming ill.  Opening a window and allowing air to circulate decreases the germs in the air and lowers your chance of illness.

Take your probiotic – this can be either through a supplement or fermented food (eg yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut).  This decreases your risk of respiratory infections by 12%

Skip the workout – if you are already sick with a bad cold or flu do not use your energy for a workout, save it so your body can use that energy to fight off the illness.

Gargle with warm salt water – this will help fight inflammation and loosen mucus allowing your body to flush out germs

Wishing everyone a safe and healthy winter.

3 thoughts on “Flu and Cold Season

  1. Flu season can begin as early as September and last as late as May. Your best bet is to get a flu shot early in the season so your body has a chance to build up immunity to the virus. It takes about 2 weeks for the flu shot to protect you. If you don’t get it early, getting a flu shot later still helps.

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