As we come to the end of summer vacation and get ready to get back into our fall/winter routine, we are preparing to send kids back to school.  One of the biggest challenges that many parents seem to have is what to send their kids for lunch.  With all the allergies out there now it is becoming more and more of a challenge.  I was doing research yesterday to find some new snacks that I can make at home with my daughter and send with her to school.  I found this great link and am so excited to share it with you all!

20 Nut-Free Snacks For Kids

What is really important for me this year is getting my daughter involved with making her lunches.  I did this on and off last year with her but it was never consistent.  She is now taking more of interest in preparing food.  It is so important to have kids help with cooking and preparing food.  This is how they learn to eat properly.  And if nothing else comes from having kids help you in the kitchen, you have spent quality time with them and made memories.

Hope everyone had a fantastic summer!

xoxo Jennifer

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